Monday, April 27, 2009

Bent Creek 'Love'

I decided to stitch something quick and easy. This is "Love" by Bent Creek.

I stitched it on a piece of 19-ct driftwood Cork linen that had been in my stash for eternity. It's not the ideal fabric for this because the white floss kind of disappears into the white fabric threads, but I really wanted to use it up. The heart at the top is supposed to be done in French knots, but I just used whole crosses. I'm disappointed with the dye lot for my Weeks "Cocoa." There is essentially no color variation. I could have just used regular DMC for the same effect. The buttons used are a little bigger than the suggested buttons (which I couldn't find).

I'm thinking about giving this piece away (my brother's anniversary is later this week; I think this would be cute in lieu of a card...) and restitching it for myself one of these days. If I can't locate smaller buttons, I think next time I'd omit the heart button above the "v" and maybe only use one button beside the "z" to make it less busy.

All in all, a fun cute stitch!