Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few more notes on Justine...

I've been ogling the Justine chart and noticed some differences in the colors of the text in the photo of the original Justine vs. the colors used in the charted version.

Here's what I think:
"Agee" - this is charted for DMC 304 (red). But, from the photo, it looks like it really shoudl be DMC 612 (drab brown, lt).

"A Salon" - this is charted for DMC ecru. But, from the photo, it looks like it really should be DMC 612 (drab brown, lt).

"Le 12" - this is charted for DMC 612 (drab brown, lt). But, from the photo, it look like it really should be ecru.

Just food for thought... I wanted to be sure to note this before I begin stitching.

Another thing I've noticed is that some stitchers have altered the colors in the bottom left fruit tree. The original does not use any red for that fruit tree, but some stitchers have opted for it with a rather nice effect.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's here!

Justine arrived in Saturday's mail! I am thrilled with Violarium's speed! The chart is just so beautiful.

I couldn't resist; I dashed to my LNS the following day and bought some beautiful fabric for Justine. I'm not sure that the chart specifies any fabric, but it seems many stitchers have opted for 40-ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Nutmeg. I've never stitched on 40-ct and knew I wanted to go with either 32- or 36-ct. The LNS didn't have Vintage Nutmeg is these stitch counts, but I found a gorgeous piece of 32-ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Maple Sugar. It is just perfect. (It was expensive, though! $57 for a half-yard!).

The photo doesn't do justice to the fabric. It is stunning in person.

My pattern was coded for DMC and Gentle Arts. I pulled both flosses and, of the two, preferred the Gentle Arts. After I got home from the LNS, I received the following conversion courtesy of Deb from the Legacy Board:

DMC 304; Gentle Art-Cherry Wine; Dinky Dyes #58-Kayla's Rose; NPI-225
DMC 522; Gentle Art-Dried Thyme; Dinky Dyes #88-Saltbush; NPI-292
DMC 612; Gentle Art-Grecian Gold; Dinky Dyes #46-Topaz; NPI-901
DMC 3013; Gentle Art-Shutter Green; Dinky Dyes #50-Acacia, NPI-342
DMC 3046; Gentle Art-Willow; Dinky Dyes #16 Lemon Line; NPI-692
DMC 3752; Gentle Art-Old Blue Paint; Dinky Dyes #10-Cloudy Sky, NPI-923
DMC Ecru; Gentle Art-Straw Bonnet; Dinky Dyes #61 Pearl; NPI 877
DMC 3828; Gentle Art-Summer Meadow; Dinky Dyes #14 Autumn Leaves, NPI-902
DMC 729; Gentle Art-Gold Leaf; Dinky Dyes #62 Aussie Gold; NPI 694

I will take a look at the other fibers the next time I'm at the LNS. Another possibility is stitching with linen floss. The matte look of linen floss and its muted, limited palette is really attractive to me for this chart. I hope to finish my current WIP before starting Justine, so I have a couple weeks to decide.