Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justine, a comedy of errors

I started Justine maybe 2 months ago or so and got as far as the letters "SE" in Louise. I actually stitched them several times, sure and then unsure about the daggone vertical thread. Argh!

Anyway I put it down and stitched something else. Well, I returned to Justine and was happily stitching away and had completed another 13 letters, only to discover that I'd miscounted by one thread and none of my new stitching lined up with the vertical thread! I'm sure a purist would have frogged those letters and done them correctly. But I just figured it was a sign from Providence to accept my inadequacies and perhaps to give me license to make more mistakes on this sampler!

I am stitching it with DMC linen floss. There are only 24 different colors of linen floss, so there's not a lot of color options. Anyway, I started stitching "Louise" and "12345" with a color called dune. I think it would look nice on a cream colored or antique white linen, but it seems to blend in with this vintage Maple Sugar fabric. So I'm switching to ecru, as in the word "cette."

I realize that the blue for "*AaBC" is really too light, but there are no other options if I want to stick with linen floss (which I do).

Despite these snafus and setbacks, I remeain entranced by Justine and its beauty!